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The Greatest Collection



The Greatest Collection, Legends and Lore Behind Hockey’s Treasures
By Dr. Jeffrey Griffith | Foreword by Roch Carrier

Features the coolest collection of hockey artifacts in the world, as safeguarded and showcased by the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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The Greatest Collection, Legends and Lore Behind Hockey’s Treasures examines the traditions and diversity of the Hall’s holdings, both the major displays and exhibits that tell the rich history of a global sport, but also some of the lesser-known artifacts that relate to unique and even personal experiences. The Greatest Collection examines these physical objects and the emotional impact they have on hockey fans everywhere.

The Greatest Collection was written by Dr. Jeffrey Griffith, a leading researcher, writer and Hall of Fame expert, with a foreword by Roch Carrier, author of the iconic The Hockey Sweater. The photos, more than 250, are stunning.

The book is the third in the three-book National Treasure Series published by Griffintown Media.


Format Hardcover
Dimensions 152 pages, 10.87 × 10.87 × 0.67 in
Published November 15, 2019
Publisher Griffintown Media
Language English
ISBN 9780995863040
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